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Admissions Information relating to entry in September 2021

At this stage we will be unable to provide any information regarding the individual or cohort results of the entrance examination sat by students in September 2020. We will not respond to freedom of information requests for this information, as the information is exempt from disclosure.

We are not obliged under section 22 of the FOIA to provide information that is intended for future publication. We have also concluded that the public interest favours withholding the information;

  • As the information is of wider interest to the general public it is important that it can be accessed by all applicants rather than to individuals through FOI requests.
  • As there is still late testing to take place, the information requested will be subject to further revision before publication. It is in the public interest that the quality assurance process is able to conclude before making information available to the public to ensure confidence and accuracy in the information disclosed.
  • As the admissions process is ongoing, early release of the requested information could be misrepresented and could potentially impact incorrectly on the decision making process. 
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