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World Mental Health Day #HelloYellow

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World Mental Health Day took place on Thursday 10th October this year, in where we took to the Main Hall to initiate a much-needed conversation on the profound topic of mental health, what we can do to look after ourselves and how to break the encompassing stigma around mental health illness. Our school was awash with the bright yellow colour, each student showing their solidarity to the cause in the form of a hairband, a t-shirt, or headscarf, in the dreary, grey day – the student body created their own sunshine within in the school, in significance of the topic of mental health.

Mr Humphrys took to the spotlight and made strides in opening the conversation, inviting staff and students alike to create ‘mental health bunting’, in hopes of demolishing the stigma around mental health, encouraging anyone who is struggling to reach out for the help that they need. Hundreds of bunting pieces were created, each with their own motivational thought, quote, or anecdote about looking after your own mental health. The event was inspiring, a string of hope that will be strung up in the main hall to remind everyone that you are definitely not alone.

Here is s statement from Mr Humphrys on the event:

‘I urge you to reach out if you’re struggling, look for support in your friends, the teachers, your family, and start the journey to healthy mind state for life. The conversation about mental health is ongoing, until the stigma can be completely nullified, until the act of reaching out for help is common, and we can aid each other in one large, intertwined network of mental health support.’

By Aakanksha L 12-4

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