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Sixth Form Dress Code

The Governing Body of this school has decided that a dress code should apply in the sixth form, so that the students set a good example to the more junior pupils. It will prepare students for a possible future career where many may be obliged to wear smart attire. The students at Altrincham Grammar School for Girls sixth form must wear smart attire consisting of:

A plain navy suit purchased from our supplier, Monkhouse, or a provider of your choice*

  • Both skirt and trouser options are available
  • Jackets must be worn at all times, unless the weather is exceptionally hot when it must be carried.
  • The skirt should follow the example of the one available from Monkhouse, and should not be an elasticated bodycon skirt.

    *Please note that from September 2024 only trousers will be permitted.

Shirt or blouse

  • This shirt can be of the student’s choice as long as it is smart and not made from denim, casual checked material or displaying a slogan or a large logo.
  • Shirt or blouse can be in any colour.
  • The shirt or blouse must not be low cut or a cropped top. Shoulders must be covered.
  • A plain fitted top may be worn.
  • Headscarves can be any colour and must be securely fastened.

Jumper or cardigan

  • These garments may be worn. No other warm tops such as hoodies, sweatshirts or fleeces are acceptable.
  • A cardigan or jumper is not an acceptable alternative to the suit jacket, but can be worn in addition.

Shoes and tights

  • Smart shoes or smart boots may be worn. Shoes should be suitable for wearing around the extensive school site.
  • Tights should be suitable for smart attire.
  • Any type of leggings or ‘over the knee socks’ are not acceptable.


  • In addition to the suit jacket, coats may be worn between sites. They cannot be worn instead of a suit jacket.
  • Please note coats must not be worn in tutor time, in lessons, in the library or in assembly.
  • Denim/ leather jackets and hoodies are not acceptable as coats.


  • Jewellery of significant monetary or sentimental value should not be worn to school. The school can take no responsibility for the loss or damage of such items.

The Assistant Vice Principal, Head of Sixth Form, has the final decision upon what is and is not suitable attire for the Sixth Form.

School reserves the right to send home any student who is not properly dressed where they should change into the correct uniform and then return to school the same day to resume their studies.

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