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Diversity and Inclusion

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As a Bright Futures Educational Trust school, we at AGGS are passionate about working together within and beyond the school to achieve the Trust’s aspirational vision: the best for everyone, the best from everyone. We are proud to celebrate the diversity of our students and their families. We will continue to work hard to provide the best education for every student and the best working life for every member of staff.

We want all our stakeholders to feel included, to have a sense of belonging within our school community. A sense of belonging enables staff and students alike to be themselves. In being themselves, they can then perform at their best and reach their full potential. Unity, embracing of a diverse community, and co-operation, working together respectfully and supportively, are two of the school’s values that we hold most dear. We are continually seeking to embed a sense of unity in the lived experience of every member of the school community. We will continue to work in co-operation with our staff and students to achieve these aims

Furthermore, we recognise the value that diversity of people, identities and culture brings to our school. So we are actively seeking ways to extend the diversity of both our student body and our staff. And we are working to ensure that the diversity of modern British society is reflected in our curriculum.


Racism is incompatible with our school values and aims. As a school we feel that is not enough, however, to just not be racist or act in non-racist or non-discriminatory ways. Therefore, it is our goal to become an anti-racist school, to challenge and address racism whenever it occurs and to educate our students to become anti-racists in turn. In setting our goals, we are driven by our values of unity, co-operation and empowerment and the ambitions of our student body, who have told us that they want AGGS to be a school which champions anti-racism.

Recent events, including the Black Lives Matter movement and the death of George Floyd, have spurred us on to think about how we, as a school, can develop our provision to make it more inclusive and to explicitly address issues of race and racism. With the input of some of our students and alumni, we have drafted an action plan, which can be viewed below. We will be continuing to consult with staff, students and parents as these changes are made, so that our actions are visible to all our stakeholders.

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