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Altrincham Grammar School for Girls is an 11-18 wholly-selective Academy Grammar School responsible for its own admissions.

The Trafford Grammar School Consortium, comprising Altrincham Grammar School for Boys, Altrincham Grammar School for Girls, Sale Grammar School, Stretford Grammar School and Urmston Grammar School, are pleased to confirm our partnership with GL Assessment. 

GL Assessment will be the test provider for Year 7 entry testing from 2023 for 2024 entry and beyond. 

As specified in our admission policies, the content of the examination will remain as it previously has been, comprising mathematics, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning.  Questions will be restricted to these skills and will be tested in a variety of ways; we do not however, have information regarding the exam content or question types.

GL has created a bespoke paper for the Trafford Consortium so students sitting this examination will not sit the same examination at any other school. The types of questions however, will be similar to those provided in GL’s familiarisation material. 

The entrance exam consists of two tests, each approximately one hour in length, containing questions that assess verbal, non-verbal and mathematics skills. For each element there will be a range of different types of questions.

Questions that test verbal ability skills may include questions relating to word choice, knowledge of words and their meanings and how words relate to each other; students may also be asked questions that relate to verbal reasoning comprehension skills.

Questions that test non-verbal ability skills may include questions relating to relationships between shapes and sequences of shapes, identification of common features from a set of figures and applying them to a new figure, codes and spatial awareness questions.

Questions that test mathematics skills generally cover content taught in schools up to the start of Year 6. The areas assessed typically include aspects of number, measurement, geometry and statistics. Some questions may involve using current mathematical skills to solve mathematics problems.

Further details regarding registration for the entrance exam is available here

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