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Please download below an update on school transport arrangements for the autumn term. Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) has received £2.25m of funding to be used to organise additional dedicated school transport services for the first half of autumn term, whilst capacity on the public transport network is reduced due to social distancing measures.

The timetables for school which are broadly the same as last year. Shared services which serve multiple schools will continue and this has been agreed with DfE. These timetables show the usual scheduled routes for the school year ahead but do not include any additional services which may be commissioned using the recent funding allocation.

Please see TfGM Back to School Hub where you can get all the most up to date travel information:

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Northern Rail Education Season Tickets

It’s that time again: Education Season tickets go back on sale.

With up to 75% savings* on the equivalent adult season ticket, Educational Seasons are becoming an incredibly popular and greener way to get to school, saving parents money and helping reduce traffic.

The sales window for the new school term is opening soon – on 1st April, until 25th April.

School bus services for the new academic year 2021/22

12th July 2021

Starting from September 2021

School Bus Services and Travel Advice

12th July 2021

School Bus Services and Travel Advice

Trafford Schools

Academic Year 2021/22

This booklet shows all home to school bus services as provided to schools within Trafford.

Other booklets are available for schools across the other 9 districts of Greater Manchester and these can be found at

In addition to the services contained in this booklet, there is a network of general bus services which can also be used to get to and from school. Details of these can be found at

Services shown in this booklet operate only on the school days of the schools that the services operate for and will not operate during school holidays or on days when students are not in attendance. Some buses are shared between schools and in these instances, buses will operate on days that all relevant schools are in attendance unless marked on the timetable.

Changes to TfGM weekly tickets

10th December 2020

TfGM have been working with the operators of our school services to introduce a new weekly ticket that can be loaded straight on to an IGO card, without the need for a paper ticket. Helping us to reduce our environmental impact, whilst cutting down on lost tickets and students travelling without their IGO.

We’re now in a position where all of our operators are able to sell and accept this new ticket type,  as well as a new carnet style ticket that can also be loaded on to a student’s IGO card. For more information about these new tickets please visit:

We will be asking our operators to no longer sell the paper version of the TfGM school weekly, with a view to removing the paper version from the beginning of next term.

If any of the students need to apply for an IGO or replacement, full details can be found here:


TfGM Complaints Process

13th January 2020

Operational Bus Planning is using a new complaints system. This will allow TfGM’s  Customer Relations Department to log and forward it to the correct departments (including ourselves Operational Bus Planning). The benefit of this is it will leave an audit trail, identify who is dealing with what in which department and will provide a better service for our customers. Often a lot of comments, require an answer from just one department but sometime a comment may require various sections of TfGM to work together to provide an answer as well as contacting third parties; such as Bus Operators, Schools, Local Council Officers and outside agencies. This process ensures that comments are dealt with more effectively and efficiently as well as meeting legal guidelines.

Therefore, going forward please send emails (unless immediate urgent action is required) direct to our Customer Relations Department at – this enables it to be logged, assigned a case number and also be covered by TfGM data protection. Otherwise we will be unable to process it.

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