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Key Stage 3

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Year 7

Students are introduced to Careers and Enterprise in Year 7.

What is Enterprise?

Enterprise education provides students with the unique opportunity to develop valuable skills in the business world. Whether students plan for a career in medicine or fashion design, these foundation skills are crucial in becoming, not only a successful young entrepreneur, but also a creative and innovative individual.

Throughout the school year, there will be exciting events and opportunities for the students to engage with inspirational business people and learn firsthand through running their very own business.

One of the main events of the year is the Christmas Enterprise Markets. The AGGS tradition has proven to be a great success and has helped budding entrepreneurs showcase their talent.

Year 7 also take part in the Tenner Challenge half day masterclass, delivered by Young Enterprise. Through enterprise challenges and industry insight from local business volunteers, this programme inspires students to explore the realities of working life.

Christmas Enterprise Markets

Years 7 to 9 can take part in the annual AGGS Christmas Enterprise Markets.
Students are advised on how to write a business plan, generate ideas for creative products and prepare themselves for their own business venture..

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Citizenship & Unifrog

Students will receive lessons from Unifrog in Citizenship on: an overview of Unifrog, Skills, Interests and Recording Activities they may do outside of school to create an online portfolio useful for preparing for the world of work.

Year 8

In Year 8, students are first introduced to CEIAG through their Citizenship lessons. They look at the world of money by exploring jobs and the economy and various social and moral dilemmas.

Citizenship & Unifrog

Students will receive lessons from Unifrog in Citizenship on: an overview of Unifrog, Skills, Careers Terminology and Competencies, and complete a Careers Treasure Hunt.

Year 8 World of Work Week

In Spring 2 term, assemblies and form time sessions are delivered over a week to help students think about what skills they already have, and how they can develop and build upon these skills in and out of school for their future careers. We invite our Alumnae into school to speak to Year 8 about their career paths since leaving AGGS. This opens them up to an array of different careers and opportunities on offer after they leave school and allows them to think about the different skills needed. “We are currently preparing students for jobs that don’t yet exist . . . using technologies that haven’t been invented . . . in order to solve problems we don’t even know are problems yet.”

Year 8 also have an off-timetable careers/enterprise event, Learn to Earn, delivered by volunteers from Young Enterprise. The programme inspires students and provides information on career options to help make informed choices. Students set goals and plan their next steps to prepare them for life beyond education. Through hands-on fun, practical activities, Learn to Earn explores themes such as career choices, personal skills and talents, recruitment and job interviews, salaries, earnings, tax and the costs of living, financial planning and budgeting. It enables them to consider their future possible careers and the different paths they can take to get there. The students learn skills in communication, financial capability, organisation, team work, problem solving and resilience. The students also hear from each of the volunteers about their individual careers route.

Year 9

Y9 Options

Parents and students will be invited to attend the Year 9 Options Evening where they can find out more about what options AGGS has to offer at Key Stage 4. Subjects chosen to study for GCSE can influence and shape the career path of the future. If students already have a strong direction of which careers path to take, then they will need to consider which subjects will help them to get there.

Citizenship & Unifrog

Students will receive lessons from Unifrog in Citizenship on: an overview of Unifrog, Interests & Skills and their Future, Learning how to record and talk about the activities they do outside of the classroom, and a Subject Library Treasure Hunt (understanding how to navigate the platform to see how their school subjects translate to a career).

External Speakers/Lunchtime Talks

We hope to hold a variety of lunchtime in-person/virtual careers talks where students can hear how professionals chose their career paths and what inspired them to enter their profession. We believe talks from aspirational outside speakers raise students’ aspirations and challenge stereotyping, helping them to make positive and well-informed decisions about their career choices. 


Connexions Trafford

Year 9 are introduced to our Connexions Adviser, Anne Parkins, in Form time. Connexions offer impartial advice and guidance advice and can help reinforce option choices and understand the importance of those things to be considered.


The Year 9 enterprise activity is run by The National Enterprise Challenge.

It is the UK’s largest careers and enterprise challenge competition set by real life businesses. The full year group programme receives high profile support from NatWest Bank, Thorpe Park, Airbus and Air Products. The programme focusses on building the skills required for the world of work and is mapped by the Gatsby Benchmarks. It will take the students from the classroom to the boardroom. On the in-school delivery day, students work in teams to conceptualise, design, market, finance and present a real-life business challenge. The challenge is delivered by an expert team of facilitators and helps to develop the enterprise and employability skills of all the students who take part including teamwork, communication, leadership, decision making, problem solving and creativity. The winning team from each school goes on to represent the school at a live National Finals in July.

Win or lose, the challenge helps to develop the key skills young people need for the world of work and shows them there is no limit to what can be achieved.

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