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School Council

“Committed to representing you”

School Council is incredibly active within the school community at AGGS. Our school ensures that our students have an active role to play within the school and that our voices are heard and acted upon. In addition to our year group meetings we also have an Executive School Council with members from Year 7 to year 13. Our Executive School Council structure provides continuity and communication between year groups and ensures that our students are working together on collective aims. Leaders from Executive School Council feedback to senior leaders regularly to ensure consistent communication between staff, students as well as outside agencies such as Sodexo.

After our Year 13 School Council Leaders are chosen the Year 12 leaders apply for their roles. For Year 7 to year 11 we hold e-elections just before October half term ensuring a democratic process throughout. Candidates must write their manifesto to share with form peers before the election process takes place.

We promise to always voice your opinions because we are committed to representing you.

The focuses for this year are shown below.

Focus: Wellbeing

Why we care:

  • Good wellbeing is important as it ensures that students have good physical and mental health.
  • We focus on aiding students in how to overcome stress and worry in both academic and social fields

Focus: Diversity

Why we care:

  • This allows appreciation for all different cultures and backgrounds
  • Allows students to feel heard and supported on any discrimination they may face inside or outside school
  • Provides education to the students for the future

Focus: Facilities

Why we care:

  • Create a place for learning which encourages a positive attitude to studies and allow students to unlock their full potential
  • Encourages unity throughout the whole school community

Focus: Environment

Why we care:

  • Encourages the students to take an active stance on the changing environment that we live in
  • Caring for our school’s natural environment allows for a more fulfilling academic experience
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