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Key Stage 4

Year 10


During Year 10 and Year 11 students will be invited to attend a 1:1 impartial Careers interview with our Connexions Adviser, Anne Parkins. Connexions can help with post 16 and 18 options, volunteering and work experience.

Careers Day & Practice Interviews

In July we invite volunteers into school to conduct practice interviews with our Year 10 students as part of their Careers Day. The day starts with an inspirational talk by an ex-student and is followed by a CV writing skills and employability rating skills session, a motivational team building session with the RAF/Army, and a workshop delivered by our Connexions Adviser on labour market information. Throughout the day, students have practice interviews with volunteers and parents from companies such as: AECOM, MMU, NHS, Astra Zeneca, L’Oreal and Unilever. The interviews are an introduction to ‘real life’ interviews and give an insight into the world of work.

Enterprise Day

Year 10 take part in an off-timetabled Enterprise Challenge Day in the summer Term. It is an enterprise day that introduces them to the world of business where they learn about the importance of product design, sales pitches, costs and profits. Each team uses their communication skills to work together, to run a new business. Students are given roles from Engineers through to Managing Directors where they compete against the rest of the year group to negotiate contracts and produce orders with the customers. This includes planning, organising production, purchasing the necessary raw materials; then producing those goods to match the customer’s specifications and deadlines. All of the sales pitches are made to people from the world of business and manufacturing from Arup Design, IBM, TRU West, Sellafield, Kyndryl, Network Rail, DWP & The Environment Agency.

Citizenship & Unifrog

Students will receive lessons from Unifrog in Citizenship on: an overview of Unifrog, Personality Profiles, and a Careers Library Treasure hunt.

Year 11

Careers Morning

To assist with A Level choices, Year 11 are off timetable for a morning to hear from a range of speakers who explain about the differences between 6th forms and colleges, college life and choices, the benefits of higher education, higher/degree apprenticeships and A-Level choices. Year 12 and Year 13 students share their particular experiences of choosing A-Level options.


In the Autumn term, Year 11 take part in a Top Trader Day delivered by employees of the Bank of New York (BNY) Mellon showing students the concept of the stock exchange and buying and selling in stocks and shares.

Top Trader Day

Year 11 take part in a Top Trader day trading in stocks and shares on the AGGS Stock Market. The day is delivered and run by employees of BNY Mellon. Trading is  tough and highly competitive as the students work in teams to make as much money as they possibly can before trading…

Citizenship & Unifrog

Students will receive lessons from Unifrog in Citizenship on: an overview of Unifrog, looking at Choices post-16 including A Levels, BTECS and Apprenticeships. 

Widening Participation & Access Programmes

As students approach Year 12, they may also want to start researching widening participation schemes which are available for those who fit the eligibility criteria, which can range from those who are on free school meals, to being the first generation to go to university or from a certain ethnic background. Should students be successful in their application on these schemes, they may be offered workshops on writing their applications, being invited to attend lectures to experience university life and the potential of a reduced offer. One such example popular at AGGS is the Manchester Access Programme, which can be found here: but many more are available and we can support you in looking for these. 


Years 10-13 are invited at lunchtimes to hear how professionals chose their career paths and what inspired them to enter their particular profession. We believe talks from aspirational outside speakers raise students’ aspirations and challenge stereotyping, helping them to make positive and well informed decisions about their career choices. We welcome any parents/carers who would be willing to give up a short amount of their time to come and speak to our students.
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Careers Convention

Careers Convention is held in March every other year for students from Year 10 upwards. The evening is for parents and students and is a great way of looking at prospective career options. It gives students the opportunity to meet people from a range of organisations including; local businesses, universities, apprenticeships, graduate training programmes, GAP year and voluntary agencies.

Useful websites for further information on Post 16 and 18 opportunities:

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