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AGGS Sports Day

Category: News, Sport

Sports day has been a great success, all things considered, and the students seemed to have really enjoyed it.

The results for each year group are as follows, congratulations to all!

Year 7
1st 7-1
2nd 7-4
3rd 7-7
4th 7-3
5th 7-5
6th 7-2
7th 7-6

Year 8
1st 8-5
2nd 8-3
3rd 8-2(J)
3rd 8-4(J)
5th 8-7
6th 8-6

(8-1 were unable to participate)

Year 9
1st 9-2
2nd 9-3
3rd 9-1
4th 9-5
5th 9-4
6th 9-6
7th 9-7

Year 10
1st 10-4
2nd 10-2
3rd 10-1(J)
3rd 10-6(J)
5th 10-5
6th 10-3

See below some photos taken by Mrs. McQuillan:

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