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Year 12 English Trip to London

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On Tuesday December 14th, Mrs Cleary’s Year 12 English Literature class visited Globe Theatre, London to watch a performance of Shakespeare’s ‘Measure for Measure’ the play that they are studying in class. Travelling comprised of an early start of 8:45 at Victoria station, a train ride of just over 2 hours and, of course, in the true essence of London- the tube. Before the performance started, students were able to buy lunch at ‘Pret a Manger’ and some souvenirs from the gift shop at Globe. The play began at 2:00pm with a run time of 2.5 hours including a half an hour interval, it was a compelling performance and the cast did a phenomenal job especially after a last-minute cast change for a leading role of the duke. After the performance, it was time to head back home and so the students returned to Euston where they were able to buy some dinner before the last stretch of travelling on the train. On the whole, this was a brilliant trip and a huge thank you is in order for Mrs Cleary and Mrs Douglas for organising and supporting such an exciting opportunity.

Mrs Cleary said:

It was fantastic to be able to get to see a live performance of this complex play after all the restrictions. This is one of Shakespeare’s ‘problem plays’ due the many questions it raises about the wielding of power (including between men and women), what makes good governance and how law and order can be applied by government depending on status and class. All issues that are still so relevant today!

Despite the last minute replacement of the actor playing the main character due to illness, the play still sparked lots of discussion and debate and I have no doubt will be referred back to often over the coming months of study. This performance can also be referred to in the essays that the class will write.

The students were a pleasure to take, acting responsibly and thoughtfully at all times. Watching the play with them and discussing it afterwards has been a real delight!

Written by Yusra Y, Y12


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