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Year 10 Careers Day – Media Team Report

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On Monday the 11th of July, Year 10 participated in the annual Careers Day. We listened to some talks, had a team building session with either the Navy or the Army, learnt about the Labour Market, wrote our CVs and had mock interviews. Overall, it was an informative day and we all had lots of fun. 

The Year 10s came into school in business clothes or school uniform (so lots of us wore our parent’s clothes)! At the beginning of the day, we had a talk with an AGGS alumni, who talked to us about perseverance and compromising in terms of life goals and job aspirations. After this, we had a talk from the Army about joining and the different sections of the Army that you could join. Most of us found this talk quite interesting because we had previously not known about the different sections (including Engineering and Music). 

Once the presentations were complete, the forms all split off to do different activities. For my own form, we learnt about Labour Market Information with the school’s Connexions Careers Advisor. I found it extremely interesting because I hadn’t previously heard about it. Next, we watched a TED Talk delivered by Amy Cuddy, which focused on body language and the way you present yourself. 

Next, we went over to the Devisdale in the sweltering heat and beaming sun to take part in a team-building session with the Navy- some other forms had their sessions with the Army inside the Sports Hall. With the Navy, we had a great time, starting with an exercise that focused on our communication skills and then played a game which was similar to netball, but using buckets instead of nets. 

At the end of the day, we had our mock interviews. The school ‘recruited’ 26 interviewers (who all took time out of their busy days to help us), some of whom were students who used to attend AGGS and some parents! The interviews were very useful in preparing us for any potential interviews we might attend in the future, and the feedback we were given was very useful! We then went to write our CVs on Unifrog, an online resource which helps students look into universities and prepare for applications. 

All in all, everyone had a great day and we learnt lots. Thank you so much to Mrs Gillibrand, Mr Davenport and the volunteers who held the interviews for us- we all had a lovely time!

Written by Charley W, Y10

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