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Citizenship during Lockdown – Year 8

Category: Citizenship, News

During their home learning Year 8 have studied a range of topics. All designed to help them make sense of the world around them.

They had an introduction to economics, where they studied the laws of supply and demand and the ‘economic cycle’ and looked at what characterised each aspect. A vital undertaking given the global economic uncertainty. Hopefully, this increased Year 8’s economic literacy!

Utilising some resources from the Economist Education Foundation, Year 8 also explored the power of photographs. Earlier in the year, Year 8 studied the media and its role in contemporary society, exploring the need for caution when accessing and sharing online information. They explored the concepts of misinformation and disinformation and how they could ensure they were not perpetuating the spreading of ‘fake news’ by becoming critical media consumers. Lockdown presented an opportunity for Year 8 to further this work and explore the ease of which photos could be manipulated and how it is important to remember the power of technology, when using it themselves. Media posts don’t necessarily represent a true reality. The Year 8 TEAMS was flooded with examples of their own photo manipulation.

Well done Year 8!

We hope all students have an enjoyable and safe summer! We look forward to seeing everybody again in September!

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