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Mental health day at AGGS

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In celebration of world mental health day, the students at AGGS sported yellow items and accessories. The school was filled with a happy ambience, and in every corner, you found different shades of yellow. Walking to lessons certainly felt like walking through a sunflower field. There really were an array of accessories whilst some wore scrunchies and headbands, others wore scarfs and some brought in Pikachu dolls!

Thank you to everyone who participated and showed their support for people struggling with mental health. Mental health can affect anyone at any stage in life. This is why it is extremely important that people show awareness and can help others who are going through a hard time as mental health can not only affect people mentally but can also affect their physical health, mood, way of thinking and behaviour too.

Part of the Mental Health Day was the #HelloYellow challenge which included 5 things to do that day to make another person smile. This included complimenting the teacher, smiling at your friend, making another person laugh and reminding someone about something nice they did for you.

Despite the gloomy weather that day, our yellow was still shining brightly! Thank you for making it sunny and most importantly supporting the cause.

Duck concept– ducks feathers are water proof and most ducks aren’t yellow but the yellow represents protection.

By Chelsea O, 8-5 & Preet G, 8-4

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