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`A Poem` – A Student

Category: News, The Green Light

Why does my heart beat so fast

from simply walking into the same building everyday?

A place where i have to learn and work under the watchful eyes

of people who tarnish my appearance, my dreams,

my happiness;

anything I love will soon be what I despise most.

Anything I do is taken the wrong way.

I fall down a deep dark ditch of despair and demotivation

whilst my pathetic peers thrive

from the hateful lies they slither around about me.

Why should I feel embarrassed for my existence?

Wouldn’t my life be easier if I was popular, likeable,

conforming to unachievable standards i’m expected to accomplish?


I’m trying to make my way out of this hellfire i’m enduring

but what’s the point?

The intelligent ones get praised for perfection

but I get swept aside,


when i’m  trying to be my best.

They say grades don’t define you

but my 52% is ridiculed amongst those with 100.

Am I good enough? Am I prepared

for the intimidating world of work

where capitalism and energy consumption erodes society?


I feel barefoot. I feel like I don’t fit

into a single pair of shoes because I don’t know

how to fill the empty void growing inside me,

branching out like a poison tree

killing its surroundings

one by one.

I feel unprepared for my future, with no knowledge

of how to live a regular life.

It no longer matters if I’m unique or creative;

My talents deteriorate

Under the sheer pressure of

Trying to be normal and accepted

To progress anywhere in my future.

Proud to part of the Bright Futures Education Trust
Altrincham Grammar School for Girls
Cavendish Road, Bowdon,
Altrincham, Cheshire WA14 2NL
Bright Futures SCITTCEOP