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MFL Bake Off

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On Monday the 15th of November, some very talented Year 7 students took part in this year’s MFL Bake-Off, organised by the Year 10 Language Ambassadors. The objective of the Bake-Off was to create a cake that represented a country. The judges looked for Originality, Appearance, Taste, and Texture!

As the students apprehensively lined up, the Year 10 Language Ambassadors and a few members of staff dashed as quick as lightning, bringing the awe-inspiring cakes to the Main Hall. At 12:45, the contestants entered the room.

Surrounding the front of the Main Hall were 23 cakes, each one representing a unique country! There were cakes from South Africa, cakes from England, cakes from Pakistan, cakes from Switzerland, cakes from Japan, cakes from India, cakes from Poland, and so much more countries!

Soon the judging began. The judges asked the contestants their name, their form, the cake flavours, and the country their cake represented! There were many interesting cake fillings and everyone had lots of original designs! The contestants had to stand behind their cakes and explain why they had chosen their specific designs!

The winners of the MFL Bake-Off really did deserve to win! In 1st place came Mary B, who made a ski-slope based on the Alps! The structure of her cake was very neat and the flavour was extraordinary! The design was very carefully thought-out, and Mary surely did deserve 1st place!

In 2nd place came Ivy B, who made a very clever illusion cake, which represented a full English Breakfast! The middle of her cake was flavoured with apple, which represented how she was 1/8 German! The judges were blown away by how the baked beans looked so real!

And last, but not least, in 3rd place came Jennifer M, who made a South African cake! The flavour of her cake really wowed the judges, and Jennifer had even wrote down some South African words on the top her cake with colourful icing!

Hats off to all of the contestants this year! The atmosphere in the Main Hall was crazy, and the level of design on the cakes was higher than ever before!

Written by Zaynab K, Y7

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