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Christmas Lunch

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On the last Friday of term, the dinner staff cooked a traditional Christmas Lunch. The options varied from Roast Turkey to Chicken, Brussel Sprouts to Roast Potatoes, Pigs in Blankets to Stuffing Balls and Cranberry Sauce, Chocolate Cakes to Mince Pies and Tangerines, Orange Juice cartons to Apple Juice cartons, and many more delicacies!

With a smoky taste and sensation, the Roast Turkey and Chicken options were very flavoured, especially when drizzled above with gravy! The Brussel Sprouts and Roasted Potatoes sat on the side of the plate, adding a flaky texture to the dish, contrasting with the soft, steamed carrots. Furthermore, the Stuffing Balls, Cranberry Sauce and Pigs in Blankets complimented the meat and the vegetables. In addition, the Tangerines, Mince Pies and Chocolate Cakes added the fun to the selection, bringing all the components together. As a dish, this was perfect to lighten the mood of the students.

Alongside the delicious food, the students pulled Christmas Crackers and wore colourful Paper Crowns. As the carols played in the background, students ate, talked, and had fun! The atmosphere was very festive indeed!

This year’s Christmas Lunch was a total success, with happy eaters and happy service!

Written by Zaynab K, Y7

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