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MUNHigh – Media Team report

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Over Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th of February, AGGS was delighted to send three delegations of students to the wonderful MUNHigh2022. All delegates genuinely enjoyed the weekend which presented fruitful debate in every committee. Representing USA, Japan, and DR Congo, our students all spoke to an exceedingly high standard and learned lots about the issues at hand.

After an interesting opening ceremony speech by Yvette Cooper, the shadow home secretary, followed by the inevitable question on her opinion of the Downing Street parties (she is ‘appalled’ and ‘devastated’), we were all inspired to engage in collaborative debate. Aside from producing solutions to major geopolitical issues, MUN is also a chance to have fun and meet new people. From karaoke to Ronaldo impressions, to arm wrestles, every committee involved an element of comedy!

The Sunday was another day of fruitful debate over the crisis: Vector (from Despicable Me) had captured world leaders and was threatening to blow up ancient monuments. Thankfully, we came together as a conference in two General Assemblies to solve this most pressing of issues.

Solutions included: bringing all cultural artefacts to Slough to protect them; replacing the sun with a papier mache version which will be brought up by communist military pigeons; and sacrificing the USA as a negotiation tool with Vector. Although much more trivial than the previous issues we had been discussing, the crisis allowed for the impressive debating and critical thinking skills of all delegates to shine through. General Assembly 1 was an interesting affair with beatboxing and breakdancing, as well as impeccable dancing to ABBA!

Although there are many benefits to participating in MUN, it is always nice to be rewarded for your hard work in preparing and debating. We were delighted that the delegation of the USA won commended delegation overall, and many of our talented delegates also won individual awards. A particular congratulations should go out to;

Katie Y who won Outstanding in Security Council
Erin M who won Outstanding in Special Commission
Anna J who won Outstanding in Future

It was a wonderful conference that was enjoyed by the many delegates who attended. Thanks to Mr Humphrys for giving up his weekend to support us while we were there, and to all the team at Manchester High School for Girls for organising the conference and making it so memorable.

Written by Erin M, Y11

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