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Culture Day – Media Team Report

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This Thursday (7th April 2022), the school held its first culture day, coinciding with the second till last day of school. The day was devised by our Diversity Ambassadors, with an aim to celebrate our school’s cultural diversity by giving students the option to dress up in clothing that showed off their culture.

With many racial awareness movements being brought to a forefront in the past few years, the Diversity Ambassadors felt it was important that students were given a chance to show off their own cultures to their friends and peers. While the day was originally planned to be the day before, it was moved to the Thursday due to Year Eleven yearbook photos.

Students across all years were given the option to wear traditional cultural dress, the colours of their flag, clothes that showcased their own, personal culture or to stay in school uniform. Many decided to wear traditional cultural dress, with bright colours and long skirts across hallways in school. Some preferred to wear the clothes the colour of their flag, meaning lots of white and blue!

Everyone found the day to be a great success, with a feast of colours all around school. It was amazing to be able to see the cultural diversity at our school- hopefully culture day will become an annual occurrence! A huge thank you to the Diversity Ambassadors, Mrs Anstey, Mrs Oniya and everyone at school who got dressed up!

Written by Charley W, Y10

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