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Music Festival – Media Team Report

Category: Music, News, Performance

On the 19th of October, the music festival took place, featuring over 215 performances at different levels on a variety of instruments or singing, showcasing the talent of individuals with both solo and ensemble performances. This was an amazing musical opportunity, offering experience to perform, to receive valuable feedback from adjudicators and to listen to the inspiring performances of others. In my opinion, the experience really helped me identify what I needed to develop on and made me feel more confident performing. Thank you to all the staff and adjudicators involved for giving up their time and for making the day run smoothly and well done to everybody who participated!

“When you’re learning to play and instrument or to sing, it’s important to have as many performance opportunities as possible. I was delighted to see such a range of students – from novices to those with Grade 8 and beyond – taking advantage of the chance to perform to a live audience. For me, this is the most important aspect of the Music Festival experience, along with receiving constructive feedback from knowledgeable adjudicators.”-Ms MacAulay

Written by Gloria C, Y10

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