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Future Investment Bankers start their journey

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Over 60 year 12 students have signed up for a Share Trading Competition which is being run by Marc Duschenes of Altrincham based Bayfield Capital.

Marc, who is father to Amy, Year 12 and Ella, gave a presentation to the 16 Teams in the sixth form library on the day before Black Friday where he recounted his fascinating personal story of dealing shares with his birthday money whilst still at school, right through to handling the sale of Asda to Walmart whilst working in The City as a trader and investment analyst.

The competition involves the teams selecting a portfolio of shares which they think will perform the best over the Christmas trading period. Students have to allocate their shares amongst a number of categories including Retail, Commodities such as oil and gold, Currencies and portfolio shares such as the FTSE100. To receive their certificate of participation all team members must submit a report which outlines their trading decisions.

They will be researching and following stock market information up until the Dealing Room closes on 19th December when all teams have to finalise their investments. Marc will then cash in their portfolios in January after the all-important Christmas trading results have been announced and the team with the most profit made (or lowest loss) will be crowned as winners.

AGGS students will be competing against students from MGS and Manchester High School so competition will be fierce to be the next Wolf of Wall Street

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