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The Orchestra Through the Ages

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What a fantastic way to end the half term! As GCSE and A-level music students, we were incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to attend this set work concert at Bridgewater Hall to further develop our understanding and knowledge of the evolution of music.  

The concert was structured chronologically, reflecting the musical timeline. We were introduced to the distinctly different styles of each period, and how these reflected societal attitudes prevalent of the era. As the themes changed, so did the size of the orchestra, constantly expanding-which clearly showed the growth of the intended audience.  

What struck me the most was that this evidently displays the connection between music and other art forms like literature. How though it is every-changing, it will always have ties to what came before, but will always reflect what and how we think. From sacred music of the Renaissance and Baroque period to modern musical theatre, it is always about exploring the new depths of thoughts and feelings that can only be expressed and shared through the arts.  

Overall, we all really enjoyed the concert, as it gave us deeper insight into the music we are familiar with in both an informative and entertaining way. For many of us, it felt like a celebration of music appreciation-one that was certainly inspirational! 

Thank you to Ms Mayall and Ms MacAulay for organising the trip, and special thanks to all the performers who played on the day! 

Written by Gloria – AGGS Media Team

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