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PE Update March 2024

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In School Sporting Results March 2024

Year 7 Netball: 

Our Year 7 netballer teams have shown true grit and determination this season, progressing massively as individuals and team players. Our A and B teams have had multiple matches throughout the year against others schools and have shown impressive results. Our 7A highlight was the outstanding performance during the U12 County Schools competition. Our 7B highlight was our 12-4 Win over Stockport Grammar and the semi finals place in the Trafford Schools Tournament.  

Our C and D team have shown great commitment to netball this year, training weekly to improve on their netball skills. Towards the end of the year, we entered a C team into the Trafford Schools Tournament. All schools played one another regardless of if they were a B or C team, meaning it was going to be extremely tough for our team! Our C team, qualified for the semi finals of the Trafford Schools Tournament, which is an outstanding achievement.  

Year 7 Hockey: 

Our Year 7 hockey team have shown good progression since the start of the year. Working together exceptionally well as a team and being committed to training weekly. They have progressed with their overall game skills and have shown good performances against other schools.  

Year 8

Over the course of the year our year 8 sports teams have performed outstandingly and fought hard in all their games, winning plenty and having many achievements to be celebrated. Let’s dive into some of the best moments from this year:  

SportYear GroupOppositionResultPlayer of the Match
NetballYear 8ALoreto25-8 WINAbi
NetballYear 8BKings Macclesfield19-5 WINKamsi
NetballYear 8BTrafford Schools2nd Place
HockeyYear 8A Loreto7-2 WINEirinn
HockeyYear 8BLoreto5-2 WINAysha
BadmintonU14sLeeds GrammarVery Close (Loss) 109-102Jessica
FootballYears 8 and 9Altrincham College7-1 WINSienna


Our Netball A and B teams have continuously shown their strengths over the year, and this is clear to see in all of their games. One was the A team’s fabulous 25-8 win against Loreto at the start of the year. As one of our main competition, it was great to see AGGS thrash Loreto once more to add to yet another victory against our rivals. The B team has been as strong as ever, especially in their recent performance in the Trafford School’s tournament. Only losing one game, they finished in second place. Fabulous achievement! 


This year both of our hockey teams have played amazingly. One game in particular was the A team’s performance against Man High, which was truly spectacular to watch with a final result of a 2-0 win to us. Another exceptional win for the year 8 hockey team was a 7-2 win against Loreto. Amazing result! The B team has also had a great season, with an incredible game against Kings Mac where they won 3-2. The girls’ attitude and determination have been really inspiring to all teams that watch and all their hard work has paid off. Very high hopes for the coming years! 


The U14’s badminton group qualified to the next round of the National Schools Competition, where they played Leeds Grammar. After a very long drive, the girls played superbly aggressively, ending in a 3-3 draw. Unfortunately, the finishing result was based on overall points and AGGS narrowly lost 109-102. Of the 4 students that played, 2 were year 8 – outstanding effort girls! 

Year 8 and 9 Football

Our newly formed U14 football team have also been lethal on the pitch, with astounding wins against the local schools. The girls worked relentlessly and beat Loreto 2-0 and carried the same energy to a match against Altrincham College, where they strode off the pitch with an unbelievable 9-1 victory! We wish them all the best for their next games and the future seasons.  

Year 9: 

Our U14 A and B netball teams have performed fantastically this year, with a brilliant winning streak across the board. Last term, our B team played outstandingly against Stockport grammar with a win of 21-4. Our A team have also fought ruthlessly against the most difficult schools, and their hard work clearly paid off in a challenging match against Bradford Grammar. The girls never stopped trying, and after many last-minute intercepts and great goals, they came off court with a win of 20-15! The A team also showed great perseverance and determination in the Trafford schools’ tournament, and in a nail-biting final match against Loreto, they managed to score one last goal in the last minute, succeeding them by 1 point! This is their third time being Trafford schools’ champions, and we hope they keep up the streak!  

Our U14 hockey teams have also performed outstandingly over the year and have never given up despite the tricky weather conditions. In one of their recent matches against Loreto, they played with all their might and secured a 1-1 draw against them! Fantastic effort girls!  

Year 10: 

Sport  Year Group  Opposition  Result  Player of the match  
Netball  Year 10A Team  Manchester High School  24-7 WIN!    
Netball  Year 10B Team  Stockport Grammar  35-1 WIN!    
Netball  Year 10A Team  King’s Mac    41-26 WIN!  Evie  
Hockey  Y11/10 A Team  King’s Mac  6-1 WIN!      
Hockey  Y11/10 National Schools Team  Westbourne  12-0 WIN!  Quater-finals  Francesca   
Hockey  Y11/10 A Team    Queens Chester  5-1 WIN!  Katie   

Best achievements this year so far:  

Our outstanding U16 Hockey team reached the Semi-Finals of the National Schools U16 Competition after beating Westbourne 12-0 in the quater-finals.   

Our amazing U15A Netball team won the Trafford Schools tournament with a close win against Loreto in the finals.  

Our Y10 Athletics team competed at sports city in November and won the entire girl’s competition, winning a trophy and many medals.  

Our Cross-country team were very successful and came first and qualified for the North West cross country cup.  

Year 11 Netball: 

A message from our Year 11 Netball team: 
Our year 11 netball team have been playing together for 5 years, being led by the amazing Miss Hawkins and Miss Stevenson. Over the years, we have gained an extremely impressive winning streak of 34 games due to our amazing bond, on and off the court. We have learnt how to play with each other and how to complement each other’s skills which drives us to victory every time. We have played and won a total of 8 matches this year, while also having a few tournaments. We stated off with an impressive 34-16 win against Stockport Grammar, and we proceeded to play out home rivals, Loreto, beating them by an impressive 29 goals. We continued to smash teams such as Lymm, Manchester High School for Girls and Bolton School. In November, we managed to beat Withington Girls School 27-26 and we also had an impressive win against the Cheadle Hulme Sixth Form team. Early in the year, we participated in the Trafford school’s tournament which, although it was close, we beat Ashton in the final. Most of the netball team also travelled to Australia in the summer and won almost every game they played. We all feel very privileged that we have gotten the amazing opportunity to play with such a great group of people over the past 5 years and we are truly lucky to have had Miss Hawkins and Miss Stevenson coaching us. ‘We achieved our biggest winning streak in year 7 when we first got Miss Hawkins as our coach’.  

Year 11 Hockey: 

A message from our year 11 Hockey team: 

After 5 years of playing together our y11 hockey team has seen many wins and losses and lead by Mrs Hardicre we have had an amazing time (Although none of us will miss our early Saturday morning games) This year has gone fast kicking off the season with a few eye opening games including a game against the dreaded Leeds Grammar. But after we got our act together and begun our winning streak, consistently winning against teams like Loreto, Cheadle and Kings Macc. With a special game against a South African team on their hockey tour we ended with a respectable 2-2 draw. The highlight perhaps for many on the team will have been the best game of our 5 years together- against Leeds. After already being nervous after our previous encounter we went into the game full of adrenaline and had an amazing game, putting us through to the semi-finals of the National Schools competition. This season has been amazing, looking back on our first game in year 7 when we were just a group of strangers we come so far, and we will look back on this experience and the memories we have made together as the incredible team that we have become. 

External Sporting Success: 

Congratulations to Sienna Jones in year 9, who won the County Cup with her Bolton team and scored the winning goal. Sienna has been an integral part of our U14 Football Team, so it is amazing to see her talents shining on the outside too!  

Congratulations to Pheobe Carroll in Year 9 who competed in the school’s biathlon, finishing in an impressive 7th place! What an outstanding achievement, well done Pheobe!  

Congratulations to Izzy Hall in year 10 who took part in the English School Cross County Finals, finishing 53/350!  

Congratulations to Chanee Wang – she recently participated in the British Ice Skating Young Star competition and we are thrilled to share that she had won the first place in the figure skating category. Chanee worked extremely hard in preparation for this competition and it definitely paid off! Well done!

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