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AGGS Attempts to Break World Record!

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On Wednesday 4th September, AGGS attempted the Guinness World Record for the Largest Game of Musical Bumps. All pupils took part and several members of staff also participated. Everyone had to dance to music which was pre-approved by Guinness and when the music stopped, they had to sit on the floor as quickly as possible. The last person to sit down was eliminated until there was only one participant remaining in each group who then competed against each other in the final. Despite the scattered showers and the atmosphere of complete and utter confusion from the students; everyone banded together and danced and bumped their way through the afternoon. With help from Year 13 class of 2019, current students and teachers alike were counted in to the Astroturf and split into groups of 50 participants – closely observed by an independent adjudicator. Each group competing between themselves to gain glory in our respective areas.

The aim – to try and qualify for the much anticipated ‘grand final’ in which a group of 25 winners would then compete in the centre of the Astroturf in front of the whole school. Once the elite were selected, the final battle began. One by one everyone was eliminated, including Dr Yong, the favourite to win, until a winner emerged, Keshni from 9-4, an accomplishment she could never forget. Here is her statement on the prestigious achievement:

Honestly, it was a very weird experience dancing in front of the whole school! When I came to AGGS, I definitely didn’t expect to play musical bumps whilst everyone was watching me! I know for a fact that I will never forget the experience, and I will also never forget how incredibly sore my legs were for the next few days!

The current world record stands at 887 participants but we managed to get 1330 people playing the game! Once all our evidence has been submitted to Guinness, it will take 12 weeks for the attempt to be either approved or rejected.

Through this attempt, we are raising funds for Ocean Cleanup, a charity who is developing ground-breaking technology to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. Donations were made via ParentPay and in total we raised over £1760 in order to support this worthwhile cause. We’d like to thank all the staff and students who participated, all the teachers and independent stewards who helped in the running of the event and to all the parents for their support. Written by Anum and Elysia, event organisers and Aakanksha from 12-4

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