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The Annual Christmas Charity Day

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This Friday, AGGS was hosting another amazing talent show and the Year 13s were showcasing their pantomime which they have been working extremely hard on. Charity day also featured stalls in the dining room with many activities, games and food on offer!

Year 13 Pantomime

This year, we see the story of what happened when seven students, stuck in detention, decide to solve the conspiracy theory of the seeming inexistence of Fairlie’s rooms F21 to 25 and go in search of these secret rooms. When they find the room, inside is a portal hidden inside a wardrobe, which takes them on a journey through time. First, they visit an alumni event in the year 2050, where the two most common species of Alty girls’ alumni: the doctors and the lawyers, battle it out for superiority. Then, the portal sends them spiralling back in time, they see Troy and Gabriella singing, 80s Hale mums doing aerobics, they go back past Shakespeare, as he’s interrogated by English teachers, and end up at a strange version of the birth of Jesus, where Mary is a Loretto girl, Joseph comes from Ambrose and the three wise men come from Alty Boys. Finally, David Attenborough draws his final curtain on the panto, and year 13 finish off, by singing ‘Everybody at AGGS’, by 13-6.

Finally, Year 13 would like to thank Mrs Langridge and Mrs Galvin for all of their help with the panto, and we would also like to give a massive thanks to the Pantomime Committee for all of their hard work, writing the script, sorting props and signs, filming and editing videos and taking their time to watch over all of the rehearsals. In particular, Grace and Sadie for writing the script, and Maddie and Kimi for organising the rest of the year as a whole. Thank you everyone and have a good Christmas!

From Year 13

AGGS Talent Show

As well as the pantomime, every year comes the revival of one of the most enjoyable school experiences: the school talent show, where we all come together – twice – to see some of the most talented, and confident, people in our school present their skills and talents. This year we had eight acts including Mrs Hulme warm up act and Mr Carr and Mr Barry as the entertaining hosts. We were treated to Y12 music students performing their own song, Are you going to Scarborough Fair sung by Preet form Year 7, Alicia Keys’ if I ain’t got you, performed by Aastha, Writing’s On The Wall sung by Phoebe, Bollywood Dancing, The ‘Schuyler sisters’ from Hamilton and another own song was performed by Alex, who also played acoustic guitar. The winners were:

First show: The Bollywood dancers won first place, and the second show saw the The ‘Schuyler sisters’ winning first place.

Well done to all who had the confidence to perform twice in front of so many people.

We would like to thank Mrs. Walker for the coordination of this event, Mr Carr and Mr Barry and Mrs Hulme for the entertainment, the IT team for the technical side of things and our fabulous students who worked hard to make this day a success.

Have a lovely Christmas Break!

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