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How Observe GP can offer insight into primary care

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Hello there! Many prospective medicine applicants have started to look into the World Wide Web for learning more about the medical field. Here I’ve offered my own review of Observe GP, to see if it’s worth your time.

Observe GP is a video- based platform that helps you to understand each section of a surgery . From entering the reception to watching a consultation room when meeting a patient. It is unique as each person explains their reasoning for even simple decisions such as offering a leaflets . This helps one understand about the important attributes requires for a doctor (such as discretion, empathy and effective communication.

Many may be worried about time, but in my experience it took around 2 hours, whilst taking notes.  The total length for watching all the videos is 1 hour and 11 minutes 50 seconds. By watching 10 mins a day for a week you’ll have an understanding of how a GP surgery works, without even entering a clinic! Furthermore, you can understand terminology used by doctors as they have a large bank of words. They also include green time stamps, where they help you understand acronyms and key statistics which may be beneficial for interviews.

However, it has little to offer in terms of scientific knowledge, as it does not teach  about  medical conditions. There are many websites that offer extensive online courses if you are keen to learn.  Nottingham University’s recorded lectures are also valuable if you are short of time; they contain relevant topics such as dementia care, the virus COVID-19, plus using proteins to look at the health of ancestors.

Overall, I feel it is useful as a prospective medical student: it offers viewers the ability to develop their own opinion about primary care.  I hope this article was useful in learning more about Observe GP, feel free to share it!

By Teja Saravanabavan 13-8

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