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Physics online website and YouTube channel provider Lewis Matheson visits AGGS.

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Year 12 physics student, Lois Howarth entered a competition run by Lewis and won first prize – £3000 worth of prizes for the physics department. The raffle style competition was held to celebrate 100k subscribers to the online physics channel.  The generous prizes included a Van der Graff generator, a Cloud chamber, a vacuum cannon, vouchers for physics equipment and textbooks.

Lewis Matheson drove from his hometown, Bath to deliver the prizes personally in his very recognisable car. He also provided an impromptu socially distanced Q and A session for Y12 where we learned about Lewis’s journey from being a classroom teacher to rockstar physicist!

Lewis had produced hundreds of short videos teaching different sections of the syllabus for both GCSE and A level. The physics department use these videos regularly and advise students to watch them for flipped learning, revision and to gain deeper understanding of concepts.

Lois’s competition entry shows that physics can pay and you have to be in it to win it!

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