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Culture Quest

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This is a project which the whole of Year 9 are taking part in. We are given a variety of tasks in different categories and ranging in levels of difficulty, and there are also free spaces as well, where we can add our own. Through the challenges we complete, we explore different aspects of our lives and do something we’ve never done before, may that be trying a new food, or a new sport. They also allow us to get to know ourselves and the people around us better, helping us form new connections and opens up a new horizon.

This is also a small, friendly competition. For each challenge we complete, we gain one merit. A line-10 merits and a certificate. Full house-mystery prize.

From my own experience, through some of the challenges, I have gained new experiences from doing things that I didn’t know I could do or never planned to do. I’ve learnt so much more about myself, and the people around me.

I have gathered some quotes from a few people for specific tasks:

“I really enjoyed choosing my own activity for Culture Quest. I chose to visit a nature reserve at the weekend, and I had a great time, looking at birds such as black-tailed Godwits, insects such as dragonflies and even fungi. It was very relaxing and interesting learning about all the wildlife I found.”

“I built on my self-confidence when I did a climbing wall-it made me feel more brave.”

“Doing the culture quest so far has been very enjoyable, and I have enjoyed the tasks so far, for example I learnt quite a few new things, like please and thank you in different languages and learning about medieval science from a podcast”

Written by Gloria C, Y9

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