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In Someone Else’s Pocket Prompt

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The Green Light

Entry for In Someone Else’s Pocket

The Old Times

As everyone is, we are all attached to our past, particularly memories of our primary school days. There is always a lot of nostalgia surrounding them and having left my primary school (which I had attended for 7 years) half-way through Year 6, meant I had many leaver’s gifts from my friends, which I will always deem special.

About 2 months ago, during lockdown, I decided to have a wardrobe clean out, to clear out any old clothes which didn’t fit me anymore. At the back of my wardrobe, I came across my primary school clothes, which I had kept to one side, as a memory. My navy school cardigan was on the top of the pile, and as I glanced at it, I noticed a slight protrusion in the pocket. I delved into it, slightly confused, as I did not recall leaving anything in there. As my hand met cold metal, I pulled it out, wondering in that split-second, what it could be. And all I could do, in the moment that followed, was smile. What was it, I hear you ask? A simple keyring. Its importance? It was given by a best friend, as a reminder, as a friendship token, something that is not meant to be forgotten. As I looked at the small keyring – a simple flower of which ‘Best Friend’ was written in the middle, surrounded by heart-shaped petals – it reminded me of something very important. Reflecting back on that day, I remember how rushed that day was and how quickly the school day ended; but mainly the overlooking of subtle things. Because some of those subtle things are actually the most important things. Like a simple keyring, or how that day, 3 of my best friends had gone on a small trip from school, but had asked the teacher to drive faster, so they could say goodbye before I left. The keyring had indeed taught me a life lesson.

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