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Summer Showcase Entries

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The Green Light


Yiyi P, Y9  – Mini katana made from popsicle sticks:

Evie A, Y10 – Wonderland (Poem):

Concentrated raindrops on a ledge
It smells like sea
The bloom of drifting parasols
Perhaps it’s bitter
The sweet arc of life
I don’t think I’ve grown
But the room is still getting smaller
Eat me
The label reads
Perhaps I shouldn’t trust the gifts of strangers
Death is like a carriage
It carries you away
There’s nothing left, perhaps it’s theft
To lead poor souls astray

Runners Up

Preet G, Y9 – Childhood Home (Short Story):

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Sanjhbati C, Y10 – The Crow Calls (Short Story):

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Roxy R, Y11 – Painting of Sunset:


Preet G, Y9 – Home Drawing:

Laiba I, Y7 – The Glimmering Gold (Short Story):

Ruth R, Y11 – Summer’s Sonnets Soothens my Storm (Poem):

Summer arrives with a
petal breath, peachy almost
to a certain extent
tormenting my thirst
for the ample rain
with its sober buttercup heat
and a scathing gale

It’s rather too familiar
And yet foreign nonetheless:
This spawning of vivid sunshine
differs to my preposterous storms
by far a vile mockery
towards my esteemed agony
and yet
I praise it’s passive fidelity
all the more .

Preet G, Y9 – A Place Called Home (Poem):

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