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Glaramara Trip – Media Trip report

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During the cold, wet days of the month of January, many Year 7 students and teachers escaped to Glaramara, an exciting residential. The luxurious Glaramara hotel is situated in Borrowdale, Lake District. Whilst the helpful staff vigorously loaded the suitcases on to the coach, the students were sitting inside, joyously singing songs together and chatting away excitedly. The coach was on route to Glaramara.

During the trip, the coach passed through beautiful landscapes and luscious hills. Flowers were dotted around the fields, cows were grazing on the grass, and birds were chirping joyously, indicating how happy everyone was going to be. The fresh breeze made its way into the coach, enlightening everybody’s mood even more!

After a few hours, the Glaramara Hotel was in sight. It was surrounded by luscious trees and tall mountains. A lovely start to the experience! On entering, everyone went into the dining room to eat their packed lunches. The dining room was a spacious room containing four tables for the students, and one ‘royal’ table for the teachers.

Once unpacked and settled in, the participants were given their activity schedules. The activities were very engaging and required lots of thought, effort, and of course, FUN! There were four main activities.

  1. Hill Walking! The Hill Walking was a happy walk up the hills, with many obstacles on the way. There were many gates, rivers, and stones! And don’t forget the woolly sheep roaming around the fields!
  2. Rock Climbing! At an indoor rock climbing centre, the girls had a go at climbing oddly-shaped rocks! They learnt how to control the harness and how to keep each other safe. Some students even had races, to see who could climb the walls faster!
  3. Climb In The Mine! Adventuring inside a mine, the participants attempted to cross abysses, big rocks, and wet mud by using their surroundings and keeping harnessed on to the grips. It was a very fun task, and there were even ziplines!
  4. Ghyll Scrambling! In the freezing cold ghylls, the participants clambered over rocks and mounds, jumped up waterfalls and plunged into the freezing water! Many people clumsily slipped but that just increased the fun! There were tunnels to go through which were pitch black, and many people lost their shoes!

In addition, the food at Glaramara was absolutely delicious. At breakfast, there was a Full English! At lunch there were Sandwiches, Crisps and Biscuits! And dinner ranged from Spaghetti Bolognese to Smoked Salmon!

Everybody had a great time at Glaramara! The experiences were epic and some of the most memorable moments were spent there! Good luck to all future generations! And thank you organisers for giving us such a special experience.

Written by Zaynab K, Y7

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