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Spelling Bee Regional Success – Media Team Report

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The Foreign Language Spelling Bee is a competition for students in Year 7 to practise and improve their vocabulary, spelling and memory skills in a foreign language (French, German or Spanish.) This year, we are thrilled to announce that AGGS came first in all three languages! This means we are participating in the National Finals in Cambridge on the 27th of June!

For many months now, Year 7 students have been learning many words in different languages to compete in the Spelling Bee competition. They had to spell as many of these words as they could in a minute. To add to that challenge, the words they had to spell were in Spanish, French and German! Despite this hurdle, these Year 7 contestants have done exceptionally well, getting through their Form Spelling Bee Finals, the School Spelling Bee Finals and the Virtual Regional Finals! These contestants have been buzzing through the competition:

  • Spanish: Jane B, 7-1.
  • French: Maisie SC, 7-6.
  • German: Meghpori C, 7-5.

These thrilling results were announced on Friday, and, after a very tense build-up, our three brilliant contestants were given the glory they deserve. Hats-off to Jane, Maisie and Meghpori! They were among just the 12 finalists out of 3686 in the North West! They have represented our school tremendously and all of them have achieved something really amazing! Now, they are preparing for the National Grand Finals in June! Here are a few words from the winners:

I have really enjoyed it so far! I have learned a lot of Spanish Vocab which definitely helps in Spanish lessons. I am really looking forward to doing the Nationals!

Jane B, Spanish

When we first heard the results I was honestly speechless and in disbelief. When the results finally sunk in I was really thrilled and excited, like I think anybody would be. Jane and Meghpori were really helpful and supportive. They believed in me more than I did- not surprisingly. I feel like most people have no faith in themselves but all the faith in others

Maisie SC, French

The experience has been great and I am looking forward to going to the finals in Cambridge.

Meghpori C, German

Hopefully, our thrilling three can bring the official title to AGGS! Good Luck Jane, Maisie and Meghpori! We ‘bee-lieve’ in you!

Written by Zaynab K, Y7

Written by Zaynab K, Y7

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