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Aisya’s Junior Bake Off Interview

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As you may know, Aisya N in 8-2 made it through to the finals of Junior Bake Off 2022! She has answered some commonly asked questions regarding her experience, and she has explained how much she has cherished her time at the Junior Bake Off tent…

  1. What was the best memory that you remember about joining the programme?
    My best memory is when I became Star Baker in the Dessert Imposter challenge and Meringue Tower challenge where I became one of the 4 finalists. Other than that, I was so excited meeting the judges Rav and Liam and the presenter, Harry Hill, was so funny and made us laugh in the baking tent so much. I met other talented bakers and we had so much fun despite competing with each other.
  2. What did you like most about baking in the tent?
    I really liked having my bakes judged because it is a chance for me to improve baking to make more tasty treats! I also liked being around the other bakers because it gives me a chance to see their creativity and their amazing ideas too. The technical challenges were also quite fun because it puts my baking skills to the test and it was very fun making different bakes, they were also delicious!
  3. What was your favourite bake and why?
    My favourite bake has to be the dessert imposter Satay Cake! It was really fun because I got to make my favourite sponge (Genoise Sponge) and it was very exciting when it came to decoration. It was also super tasty with the chocolate, caramel, and banana flavours!
  4. Can you tell me about the different elements in the Satay Cake and what ingredients you used?
    For the Satay Cake, I had the idea to make it because it is one of my favourite Malaysian dishes. It is a chocolate genoise sponge with chocolate ganache, caramel sauce and fresh cut banana filling. The Satay decoration was made of cookie dough. It was so light, and I like the combination of chocolate and banana.
  5. What was the challenge in making this cake?
    There were 2 things that were challenging in making this cake. The first one was the caramel sauce which can be tricky technically as it can be easily burn and can become crystallised if you stir the sugar too early. The next thing is the time. I was only given 2 hours to bake the cake and decorate it until finish which is not a lot of time when I had so many elements to complete.
  6. Do you have some advice for beginner bakers?
    My advice would be to start with a simple bake first like biscuits. And then you can advance into making more complicated bakes. Make sure everything that you do is safe, and you can always ask for help when needed. Sometimes your bakes may not turn out as it should. It is normal and do not give up. The most important thing is to have fun and keep on baking!

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Written by Zaynab K, Y7

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