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  • 8-6 won singing to Sácala a Bailar by Gian Marco
  • Mrs Crowson was a special guest

Welcome to AGGS’s Eurovision 2022! It has been our first live Eurovision since 2019! The rules are simple, every form represents a country, and sings a song in the language given: either French, Spanish or German. Pupils can pick any song in that language, and then make a dance routine to that song, which will be performed in front of the rest of the year and our panel of 8 judges. Who will win? (drumroll please!)

All the songs were amazingly performed, with beautiful costumes, face paint and singing, and our special performances from Y12 Spanish and German were great fun. However, ultimately, we needed a winner…

Performing to Sácala a Bailar by Gian Marco we have 8-6, who won with their amazing dancing skills and loud voices. We would strongly recommend listening to the song- it’ll be stuck in you head the whole day!

Not only that, we had a special guest- Mrs Crowson, who had left AGGS last year, came back for a while to look at Year 8 perform in their languages. It seemed as if she was enjoying every performance as well, a relief to the Year 8s.

In conclusion, it was a very fun event with lots of enthusiasm and energy.

Written by Aamira M & Ikshita S, Y8

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