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MFL Bake-Off Competition

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Recently we hosted the very exciting Y7 MFL Bake-Off, which was organised by the Language Ambassadors to celebrate the cultures around the world in the form of a cake.

The judges were Mr Carr and Miss Benson, accompanied by 2 Language Ambassadors, Kirandeep and Eve, who sampled each of the creations. Despite being completely caked-out by the end of it, they thought all the cakes were delicious and tasted fantastic!

From Spain to UAE, we had so many brilliant designs that did well to capture the essence of the countries in their composition, using famous buildings or iconic symbols to represent countries. Every cake brought something interesting to the table, and the judges had a very difficult job deciding on winners.
However, we did have to choose some!

Runners-up: Megan T and Eleki G
Megan made a Ukrainian dessert, consisting of small cake-like bites with a delicious caramel filling. Eleki’s cake was very unique, featuring the Taj Mahal and brought the flavours of the country to it, using mango and coconut in the sponges.

Winner: Daisy M
Daisy made a roast dinner cake (which looked very realistic) with brilliant flavours and texture, and generally a well-made cake, and was therefore the winner of our competition.

Thank you to all the Y7s for participating and thank you to all the judges for tasting each of the cakes!

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