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Medic Mentor – National Art Competition Winner!

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Congratulations to Ola A in Year 12 for her outstanding achievement in winning the National Art Competition with Medic Mentor. This accomplishment is a testament to her exceptional talent, dedication, and creative flair.

The artwork submitted by Ola demonstrated a deep understanding of the theme “Holism” and captivated the judges with its originality and creativity. Her A4 piece of work beautifully depicted the interconnectedness of healthcare and holism, impressing the panel with its artistic excellence. It is evident that Ola invested great effort and thought into their submission, producing a thought-provoking piece of art.

As the winner of this competition, Ola will have her artwork featured prominently on the front cover of Mentor’s “Holism” issue in June. Additionally, she will be presented with a certificate to commemorate her accomplishment. Furthermore, her success will be celebrated on the Medic Mentor website and social media platforms, showcasing her talent to a wider audience.

“We commend her talent, dedication, and the effort that she put into creating such a remarkable artwork. We are confident that her artistic and healthcare journey will continue to flourish, and we eagerly await her future endeavours”.

Ola’s winning entry for the National Art Competition with Medic Mentor (painting and supporting statement) –

Holism refers to managing the whole person, mind, body and soul. It embodies the idea that if there is a disturbance in one part of the system, all other parts are affected. In my artwork, the plant that grows throughout the skeletal structure reflects the ‘whole person’ as it is being affected by a variety of different factors. The plant is being tended to and abused by different miniature figures, which represent how changes in one part of the system can impact the whole system. For example, one of the figures is smashing the vase in which the plant is kept; this would cause the water to leak out leading to the wilting of the flowers. Another figure is watering the plant and is therefore preventing any wilting. In terms of medical holism, it is important for healthcare professionals to not just look at the symptoms or the disease, but the whole person. This includes the person’s spiritual, psychological, cultural, and social states which are represented in the painting as the little figures. In summary, this artwork aims to highlight the fact that the status of the plant is being influenced by many different factors, just like health is, and that the concept of holism can be used to highlight the need to offer a more comprehensive care to patients. (Ola A)

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