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Pride at Sonia’s Success in Portico Prize

Category: English, News

Sonia Y in Year 9 has won Key Stage 3 First Place in the Portico Sadie Massey Awards for her book review of To Kill a Mockingbird. Sonia’s entry was selected out of 205 entries, with the judges praising Sonia for constructing a “very informative, well- written review. The way they summarised the plot, analysed the themes and main characters and spoke about what a mockingjay represents was a joy to read.” Sonia’s fantastic prizes include an invitation to adopt a book that needs restoration from the Portico’s Georgian library collection. Sonia and two guests will be invited to the library to choose a book for restoration. This will then be sent away, and when returned, Sonia’s name will be put on a book plate inside and it will be kept on the library shelves for as long as the Portico Library exists. Sonia’s winning entry has been published on the Portico’s website and a video of Sonia reading her review will also be available following the awards ceremony in June. Congratulations, Sonia, on a wonderful achievement! Read Sonia’s review here  

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