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ALTYMUN 2022 – Media Team report

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On 5th March 2022, Altrincham Grammar School for Girls was delighted to hold its first weekend MUN conference. It was a day of intense discussions, fruitful debate and, of course, lots of fun! It had been planned and prepared by a team of students from Y11, Y12, and Y13, all of whom took up chairing positions in different committees to lead others in debate.

To say it was a success would be an understatement! Over 120 students from schools across south Manchester were welcomed into the conference. Split into different committees, each delegate enjoyed fruitful debate on a range of pressing geopolitical issues. All the chairs were incredibly impressed with the amount of research which delegates had undertaken and were delighted by the enthusiastic participation from all who attended.

We were delighted to welcome Mrs Ogunmyiwa to speak in the opening ceremony; her speech reflecting on the importance of cooperation and community set the tone for collaboration between delegates throughout the day. Each committee enjoyed stimulating discussions and debates on a range of issues from the current crisis in Ukraine to the issue of migrant workers in Qatar.

As the MUN community, we feel passionately that understanding and contesting the viewpoints of others is integral to being able to engage with the world around you. MUN provides a unique platform to interact with the opinions of other nations, and to develop important communication skills.

Of course, it is not all serious debate. MUN is really fun, and this conference was no exception. Highlights of the day included a concert in Human Rights Council, a game of duck-duck-goose – after passing nothing but the clause ‘do nothing’ – in Political, and an exceptionally entertaining crisis video!

For the many new delegates who attended the conference, we hope that the engaging environment has inspired you to attend future conferences and enjoy all that Model United Nations has to offer!

On behalf of the organising committee, I would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who helped enable this conference to be as memorable and exciting as it was. Particularly, I would like to thank the catering staff, caretaking team and our advisor Mr Humphreys. We could never have created this conference without your help!

Written by Erin M, Y11

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