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Release of The Greenlight Magazine

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Friday the 4th of March marks the official release date of AGGS’ newest media platform and great student accomplishment- The Green Light Literary Magazine! The Green Light was born from the ideas, determination and hard work of a small team of students, among which are the Year 12 students who are at the very heart of the magazine: Nam V, Eva G, Aisha Z and Narmeen S.

The process of materialising the initial idea, naturally, took some time and effort. The year twelves who began it started with only a rough idea backed up by passionate members of staff and they held countless meetings in order to create the perfect team of writers. Moreover, the editors spent many hours creating the aesthetic design of the magazine as well as ensuring that every word was cohesive and made for an enjoyable read.

‘It all started when two of our editors were discussing the aimlessness of their existences. They felt a profound sense of inadequacy as they looked upon peers who were ambassadors of such-and-such, and leaders of such-and-such: people that meaningfully contribute to the fabric of school. So, our two editors made a mind map (literally) to figure out what other duties they could realistically jostle between A-levels and an unhealthy amount of extra-curriculars.

Being devout English Literature students, their metaphorical eyes set upon the idea of AGGS’s own literary magazine.

Somewhere along the line, two more editors hopped on the project so that there were now four scheming editors to split the work between them. A trusted adult and the librarian were approached for initial ideas and support. And there was a unanimous decision that the new literary magazine would take the name of its precursor for continuity.

Our editors set up a meeting with the previous owners of The Green Light Creative Writing Blog to discuss the terms of a gentle usurping of power (no one was hurt). Some serious rebranding occurred.

And thus, as legend will have it, The Green Light Literary Magazine was conceived.’
-Nam V, co-founder of The Green Light Magazine

We urge students to pick up their copies of the first instalment of The Green Light, which you can find at the school library and online as a digital copy, as it is certainly set to be an entertaining and enticing read. Of course, this merits a huge congratulations to The Green Light Team for the publication of a brilliant magazine and a big thank you to the PTA for funding a student project that is sure to be a great asset to the school for years to come.

(A note from a slightly biased journalist):
As one of the editors of the Green Light Literary magazine myself, I can proudly say that this has been an immense accomplishment on our part as well as for the entire Green Light team. By simply picking up a copy and sharing it with your friends, you will be helping us achieve our main goal for this magazine. This being to inspire a passion for literature outside the classroom and encourage students to read what they love. – Narmeen S

Written by Yusra Y and Narmeen S, Y12

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