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Hijab Talk – Media Team Report

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On Friday the 11th of March, ISOC hosted a Hijab Talk, and invited Sister Uzma Choudhry to talk about the true meaning behind the Hijab. Many students attended, eager to listen to the inspiring words of Sister Uzma. There were students from all years, excited to be part of the conversation.

Once everyone had assembled, the talk had begun. Sister Uzma started with a little introduction, and then asked the students to share their interpretations on the Hijab. The talk was very interactive, and everyone had lots of fun.

Hijab doesn’t just mean headscarf. Remember we’re all on a journey. But remember we’re on that journey together.”

Ayesha N, Chair of ISOC.

Everybody benefited from Sister Uzma’s inspirational words and examples. Hopefully, ISOC can host more talks just like this one. Thank you ISOC for giving us the opportunity to learn more about our faith! Opinions from other people who attended:

I liked how it was very interactive and how everything was explained. I also liked how it was very detailed on why we wear the Hijab and the beauty behind it all.

Shanzay S, Year 7.

It was very informative and realistic. There were a lot of tips and we were given very good advice. I liked all of the interactivity. I hope we have an other talk like this soon.

Aleezah K, Year 9.

I enjoyed that it was an interactive talk and I liked the fact that Sister Uzma helped us understand that some people might think that some clothes are more modest than others so we shouldn’t judge people.

Yasmin H, Year 7.

Written by Zaynab  K, Y7

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