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Year 9 Famelab – Media Team Report

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Recently, some of our Y9 students took part in a school-run competition called Famelab, an exciting science presentation competition that was enjoyed greatly by both participants and the audience. 

We presented our talks to the rest of our year group and they really learned a lot! Topics which were chosen were really interesting and there were a range across the sciences.  

Some students chose to focus on the wider world around us and how physics affects us, for example ‘Why the sky is blue (and why it really isn’t!)’ and some talks extended out into space such as the spaghettifying ‘Black holes’, and the time bending possibilities of ‘Wormholes’. There was also another really interesting talk on ‘What would happen if the moon crashed into Earth?’. Some of us focused on the physical properties of the world, such as one about the element ‘Helium’ and also ‘Diamonds’, particularly how carbon dioxide could be captured to make them.  

Many also chose to focus on ourselves, humans, and their bodies, for example one on our amazing body’s ‘Wound healing’ and how it is repaired after injury. Others also focused on the mind and its mystical ways, such as the concept of ‘Déjà vu’ and how ‘Manipulation’ works, particularly in the animal kingdom. ‘How emotions are made’ was another really interesting talk, offering insight to what really triggers emotions, and another talk on ‘Personality’ and how it dictates our everyday lives.  

Meanwhile, our talks were judged by Ms Ogunmyiwa, Mr Flannagan and Dr Roberts, and I am sure they really enjoyed it! Y9 also learnt a lot of science during that hour.  

Our students really worked hard on their talks and have spent time practicing and perfecting them at lunchtimes. A huge well done is in order, as it isn’t always  the easiest to be presenting solo! 

A huge thank you also goes to Dr Stutchbury, who organised the competition and helped us perfect our talks at lunchtimes and for also hosting it

Written by Preet G, Y9

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