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Year 9 Social Action – Media Team Report

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Year 9 have been taking part in a social action project, delivered by First Give, as part of Citizenship. The project comprised of multiple parts: researching on a social issue and a relevant charity, taking social action to raise awareness or fundraise and creating a presentation towards the end. You may have noticed that there have been a variety of things happening around school, from treasure hunts to multiple stalls held in the main hall, to dance-a-thons. These are just some of the many creative ways Year 9 have decided to support their chosen charity. Each set in the year group supports a different charity, each combatting a particular social issue that is very much prevalent in our society. Through this project, not only did we learn more about the different social issues that impact our community and developed our skills (like delivering a presentation) but we have also helped many, many people in our local community and maybe even beyond, by raising awareness of these issues, these charities and fundraising in support, to combat the problems. Thank you to all those who took part in the social action or donated. Special thanks especially to Mr Humphrys and Mrs Charlton, for supporting and helping Year 9 with this project and First Give for offering this opportunity for all of us.

Written by Gloria C, Y9

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