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The Green Light Literary Magazine’s Winter Edition 

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The Green Light Magazine is proud to be announcing their Winter 2023 edition which will be released in the coming weeks. This edition’s theme is ‘change’ and ‘mental health’, chosen primarily as a reflection of the changing seasons and climate of the darker months of the year. We hope that writing and discussing these topics will encourage students to be more open about their mental wellbeing as well as inspiring a passion for writing.

This term we have assembled a bright team of writers and artists to create the edition which is a very exciting prospect for the future of the magazine. The contributions have been of superb quality and are seen to be encouraging more students to write and read in their free time.

The team are also planning on hosting a bake sale in the future to gain funding, which we anticipate will further the growing popularity of the magazine and encourage more people to take part and grow an enthusiasm for writing.

‘The Glass Cabinet’ is a section within the magazine in which contributions from all years are welcome. This segment consists of many types of writing, from short stories to poems to articles, we hope to get more people writing whatever inspires them. The themes of the magazine also act as a prompt for inspiration rather than enforcing rigid boundaries on writing. Here at the magazine, our philosophy will always be to motivate students to be more creative in the ways they express themselves.

We urge students to pick up the instalment of the magazine when it will be released in the near future. Copies will be in the school library, but a version will also be available online as a digital copy. It is sure to be an entertaining and thought-provoking read so please do come and read the work of the brilliant talent this school has to offer. We ensure that the edition will have something for everyone- whether it be poetry, artwork, recipes or thrilling short stories, the instalment is certain to be a wonderful read.

Written by Narmeen S, Y13

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